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About us

Toua Muaz is a platform for SEO & Virtual Assistant Local & Remote Service provide. As the owner of Toua Muaz, I have more than 10 years of experience in SEO & Virtual Assistant track.

As the increasing demand for website & online activities throughout the world needs a lot of trusted & secured admin support, here is Toua Muaz to deliver this optimum level services. My personal interest is becoming my profession in the last 12 years. Experiences in content development with SEO standards is one the strong part of my professional expertise. Moreover, identifying the true customer for particular products & services in a more effective, quick method with the least possible expenditure are the key areas of lead generation services. Supreme level of effort given to put all those things together to make such a loyal partner of web services to all types of business. However, I don’t mind with public recommendations & suggestions for self-development.

One of my key positive areas is that I try my level best to keep my words in my personal & professional correspondence. That is why I can make my customer’s business as my own business & take care of mine. So, you are thinking of hiring me or in doubt? Feel free to put an email regarding your required services, it is penny free.